Manual in PDF last updated on July 12th 2017

Please mind to switch the subtitles (cc) on.

The ONAK canoe is our first product. We are constantly working to improve and finetune it, to make it the best foldable canoe there is. That’s why we encourage you to participate in the conversation and to become part of its development. Do you have questions about the canoe or would you like to give us some feedback and suggestions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created a comparison between some good and bad assembled canoes. You can find some parts you should pay extra attention to below:

Good / Wrong


When paddling with two (or more), the back seat is the small seat and the front seat is the big seat. When paddling solo, use the big seat so you see the small seat in front of you

Slide the five aluminum bars together in a small-big-small-big-small order.
When sliding the pieces together you have to squeeze the inner profile on the little tube for an effortless assembly.
To connect the bars without a gap, it might sometimes be needed to push them together firmly to close the last few millimeters.

If the sides are coming off, they weren’t clicked on properly from the start. Turn your ONAK hull on its side to attach them. You can give it a gentle hit if needed, the material is strong enough. Once you can hold the complete hull by grasping only the border without anything coming loose, the border is mounted firmly enough

We are aware of the fact that the buckles loosen easily when not under tension. We will look into improving this in the future.
By placing your foot inside the hull, you can tense the straps more easily.

By using your legs to press the nose together, your hands are free to attach the straps more tightly.
See video for detailed instructions on folding the nose.


Yes. The more you fold, the more the folding lines will start to loosen up.
See video for detailed instructions.

No, this is certainly not normal. The canoe is designed to be the best compromise between stability and speed, so it is not as stable as a canoe of 40kg you can rent, but it is a lot faster and still pretty stable (see also

What is important though, is to make sure the bottom of the canoe is completely flat. You can achieve this by completely tightening the nose (see good / bad photographs).

When you receive the canoe, please check whether every part of the canoe is there and check if the buckles and straps are sewed the right way:


If you’re missing a small buckle on the canoe, you can replace it with one of the buckles from the lids in the meantime. Here’s how:
If you can’t get axle of the wheels through because the hole is too small, just push the inner piece back in with a pen:
If you are still missing something or you believe something has not been produced correctly, please contact us and we’ll help you asap.

Unfortunately some of the stickers we ordered arrived with smudged ink so we had to reorder them. We decided to ship the canoe anyway and send the sticker later with instructions on where to put them.

We’re still working very hard on our new website and once it is finished your personal pages will become active. You can already start taking pictures now, so you’ll have lots of content when you start sharing your adventures!

Please contact us and we’ll help you with a repair or a return.