Binley Ring: River Aire & Leeds Liverpool Canal

Be surprised at the picturesque industrial landscape of this part of the Aire Valley. The trip is one of contrasts from the moving water of the Aire to the placid waters of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Please have a look at River_Aire.pdf on for more details.

Points of interest

  • A - A good launching point is approx. 20ft upstream from the metal gantry. Immediately encounter Bingley Weir. if there is enough water you can shoot this to the far right. If not, then carry over. A stopper with a long tow back develops at the weir base in high water. Always check the weir before you get on.
  • B - Once past the weir the river narrowsand becomes more picturesque. Beware of low hanging trees.
  • C - The best course is down the centre of the river. At Myrtly Park be aware of the height of the metal bridge if the river level is high.
  • D - At 0.7 miles, Harden Beck joins from the right. There is an island in the centre of the river which should be passed on the right hand side. Look out for rocks here at low water.
  • E - 1.3 miles into your journey you will reach Cottingley Bridge. A quarter of a mile beyond here is a shingle bank. The current flows sharply to the left and under some trees - take care here, it is potentially dangerous.
  • F - After Hirst Wood Railway Bridge, at 2.3 miles, the river swings to the left and an eddy on the right enables an inspection of the water ahead. Check the broken weir and stepping stones before deciding how to proceed. Rocks lie below the surface.
  • G - Just after the rapids the Seven Arches Aqueduct can be seen. Land on the right hand bank just after the small shingle bank on the left, well upstream of the aqueduct and preferably before the sewage works.
  • H - A track takes you to a small footbridge over a stream and onto the aqueduct. Put onto the Leeds Liverpool Canal here. The cruise along the canal is the most tranquil part of your journey and takes a more direct route than the river.
  • I - Your only obstacle is Dowley Gap Locks, less than 1/4 mile from the aqueduct. Portage to the left.
  • J - Paddling down the canal, the scenery gradually becomes more industrial as the centre of Bingley is approached.
  • K - Finish your journey at Bingley 3 Rise Locks. Get out on your left and carry your boat over the footbridge towards the A650. It is a 5-10 min walk back to your start point near the Brown Cow.