First time

by Pink Penguin I did this with my ONAK canoe

As you can see on the map we were on dry land :-)
We listen closely to what the production team says:  "put the ONAK together at least one time bevor you try it our in real on the water".
We added: "put it together where no one can see you - so it does not look embarassing when bypassers think you are into some kind of strange bondage thing ;-)

At home in our little apartement we have no space - so went to the Campsite around the corner from where we live (because we also needed to try out a new tend for our Landrover).

we did: watched every Onak assembly film on youtube
we realised: the video did not help anything as in real everything looks differently
we tried our best: it looked pretty good but not at all like in the video LOL
we went home: and watched every movie again - twice ... and surprise surprise ... now we know what we should have done differently, we did not do it wrong, but not quite how it should have been.

the moral: of the story: don't be shy, use The Force ... more force and YOU will win (not the ONAK ;-)

Soon we will try it again - WITH water !