Discovering just out of Berlin

by Otto Van De Steene I did this with my ONAK canoe

A beautiful spring day just outside of Berlin. We made kind of a special tour that started with a hitchhiking element, but it would be easier to just take the S-bahn to Erkner to than paddle to the S-bahn at Zeuthen or something.

Anyhow, we left at Spreeboard in Neu Zittau to enjoy the good stream until the Dämeritzsee close to Erkner. Very nice paddling until there, with a good strong flow, so it was effortless paddling. After that, we immediately chose for the small Gosener Graben river through the woods to get away from the motorboat madness. This very calm river that is only accessible for paddlers, and definitely, a must do for Berlin. 

Turning back we still did a small detour for the Werndorfer See, where we could even spot a snake swimming very close to our boat!