From the renovated walls to Dokano (bar/drinks and nice people)

by Dominique Laane I did this with my ONAK canoe

Dokano, a place where you can meet other canoers

With a group we started at the renovated walls of the old harbour. Best to way to come is by train at Ghent Dampoort, or taking the car and following the R4 to Ghent. 


A lot of place to build up the canoe, and in the summer this is a place to be and enjoy the waterside. We first went paddling into the harbour and having a look at all the boats where people tend to live on. And I must say, there are beauties to look at.


One of the most amusing things is, you see al the cars stuck in a traffic jam, and you can just paddle very easy to your destination. 


This part of Ghent gives me the view of a great industrial city, who suffered that industry is moving outwards of the city and making place for new functions.


Ending the paddling @Dokana is always a good choice. They have the facilities to attach your canoe and having a good drink and/or meal. In the evening they have activities, watch their website for the latest news.