A sunny afternoon and a picnic in the park

by Dominique Laane I did this with my ONAK canoe

Visiting Ghent as a tourist

What do you do on a sunny afternoon? Getting to a park, getting on the water, meeting friends.


So let just combine these 3, and it gives a great fun. With four canoes we went of, just visiting Ghent from the water. 

One thing is sure, never knew that so many pictures has been taken. We don't know if it was for us, or for the canoe. 

We believe it was the last one.


The marvellous thing of this trip is that a lot of private persons made some fine art and placed it just at the waterside, so you can only see it from the water. 

When you are paddling in Ghent, certainly go past the 'Gravensteen'. This waterway is so quiet, and so nice to paddle.


Coming back to the Gravensteen take the turn to the right and pass the Dulle Griet. You'll see a lot of nice restaurant just close to the water. Always nice to talk with the people.


At one place you have to lift the canoe out of the water, put going down the stairs it only take 5 minutes and you're back in the water. And you can finish in Keizerpark. 

Nice place to fold you're canoe and take the public transport back to the station.