Basingstoke Canal, Ash Lock to Reading Road Wharf Canoe Trail


Enjoy a day out on this attractive, lock free section of canal, surrounded by wooded heathland. This trail can be taken on as a one way or out and back paddle.

Please have a look at Basingstoke-Canal-Ash-Lock-to-Reading-Road-Wharf.pdf on for more details.

Points of interest

  • F - Launch from the low bank above the lock and right towards Fleet. Before launching check the visitor information board on site, this shows a map of your route towards Fleet. Keeping track of the number of bridge crossings you pass is a handy guide to your progress.
  • G - Along the route you will pass 'flashes'. These are designated nature reserves, off to the side of the waterway and boats are requested to keep out.
  • H - Following the canal for 3 miles, you will come to your fifth bridge; Eelmoor Bridge. This is a good place for a break and if you get out and walk to the road you can get a good view of Farnborough airfield.
  • I - Just under a mile further is Norris Bridge, a high concrete structure. To your right is the National Gas Turbine Establishment.
  • J - After Norris Bridge the canal veers in a westerly direction for 3/4 mile before passing under Pondtail Bridge. You are now entering the outskirts of Fleet.
  • K - A further mile brings you to the end or turning point of your route; Reading Road Bridge.