Berlin - Hip-Industrial-Green

by hanskoch I did this with my ONAK canoe

- Start and finish at "Rummelsburger Bucht" (Bay Rummelsburg)
- Have a look at the right at peninsula "Alt-Stralau" [F]
- canoe around "Insel der Jugend" (Isle of Youth) [G]
- cross "Elsenbrücke" (bridge of Else) [H] -> left and right are clubs (Salon zur Wilden Renate; Else; Madgalena)
- enjoy "Treptower Park" at the left
- turn left at "Badeschiff" [I] which is an old cargo ship used as a swimming pool! super nice
- now your canoeing at "Landwehrkanal" (Landwehr channel) [K] - here you can see as well clubs (like Club der Visionäre; Chalet [J]). You´re currently in Kreuzberg
- next turnoff left [L] and you´re entering Neukölln. You will see club "Griessmühle" [M] as well as one of the biggest conference hotels in Berlin (Estrel) [N]
- you will pass some industrial harbours and cross the highway. [O]
- next turnoff again left. [P] -> now it smells like coffee, cause you´re next to a coffee factory of Jacobs [Q] ;-)
- follow "Britzer Verbindungskanal" (Britz channel) -> you will now enter Treptow [R]
- at the end of the channel you arrive again at river "Spree" [S] -> turn left
- now you only have to canoe straight and you will get back to "Rummelsburger Bucht" -> at the left you will see "Plänterwald" [T] which is a park and an old pleasure ground. You should see the old big wheel. Sometimes moving by the wind.

Around 17 km. Have fun and enjoy!