The reason why

by Lalutra I did this with my ONAK canoe

This is not an 'tourist trip' but the reason why I bought my Onak. Starting few steps from my own backyard... and paddle into the wild :-). The extra-muros Dijle is a tidal river and it took some time to figure out its dynamics. Boat in the water at Werner's Frietkot... (Nekkerspoel-pedestrian bridge) and off you go.  45' to 30' before highest water otherwise it's impossible to pass under the first 3 bridges... and not too early otherwise it's impossible to pass the barrage (A) 800m from the starting point (see pictures with yellow floating buoys). From there on head to Muizen (E), Hever or Boortmeerbeek ...and enjoy nature, wild swans, herons or even storks.......until the tide turns ! And than float back 'chill-style' and get out (C) before the Barrage (800m before Startpoint.. and walk back with a big smile on your face (and explaining to people what a strange box you're pulling behind you) to Nekkerspoel-station / Werner's Frietkot.

Next challenge:  link with the Onak-team-trip through Planckendael-zoo... If I can figure out the tidal-dynamics of course...