by I did this with my ONAK canoe

I was on my way to Hungarian Music-Festival „BalatonSound“ where we perform. (If you want check out So the festival is at the Balatonlake and we have a lot of free time in the morning. This was the reason, why I took my canoe with me. First Stop on this long journey from Basel to Hungary was my parents home, living in Laufen, near Salzburg. When the train rolls into the station, it goes across the salzach, and I got the Idea not to continue by train, but to unfold my oank anf travel home on my own keel. It was a bit Tricky, because of all the material (laptop, ...) and the Salzach is not a easy river. It come from the mountain and has some difficulties. But I did, Once a Wave come in, so I really have to think about a sprytop. I become dark, an the feeling to paddle in the dusk is on one hand grat.I saw a beaver hunting, on the other hand you have to canoe by your ears, because you can hear rocks before you see them.

Great adventure backdoor. Easy to do with a foldable canoe. Spontan.

And I did a new record: FOLDING UP in 18 Minutes ...

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