Cimitère Ubaye - Pont

by JoFischer05 I did this with my ONAK canoe

This was our 2nd trip, so the first experience to build the boat at the shore immediately before starting the trip. We timed 35 minutes (including explanations to the audience ...), not bad for the first time, but may still be improved. The trip was nice as expected - we knew the place already - it is lovely.

During the trip we where sometimes disturbed by motor boats nearby, which didn't care about us and kept on speeding. I always managed to stear the nose against the waves and so we hadn't really a problem. But with few experience as we have currently I wouldn't like to have these waves coming from sidelong...

The second new experience on the way back was to paddle against the upcoming wind. In fact this was not too hard because the wind came roughly in front.

After we landed we folded the boat (with some audience again) within 20 minutes - may be improved, too.