Plage du Bois Vieux

by JoFischer05 I did this with my ONAK canoe

As starting point for our 3rd trip we choose a beach of the Lac Serre Poncon with easy access to the lake, rather few traffic of motorboats and with an interesting landscape along the coast.

After assembly of the canoe (some 25 minutes) we started off to paddle along this beautiful rocky coast. But after some minutes I recognized that the rubber piece which serves as foot for the V-shaped alluminium pipes under the main seat started moving slowly to the front of the boat - obviously I didn't place it precisely enough.... I anticipated that after some minutes the bars would collapse and that the seat of my wife would slip down abruptly, causing sudden and panicky movements in the canoe - something to avoid definitely. So I motivated her to paddle a bit more powerful (like me :-)) in order to reach very soon a place where we could land. There I pushed the rubber-piece in place (also made wee-wee given the occasion of the silent place...) and then we continued our trip. I learned for future trips, that I must verify that everything is really perfect in place before launching the canoe.

Now, with a boat in perfect condition, we enjoyed very much the rough, rocky and eroded mountains aside the lake - a very special landscape, not really lovely but beautiful, indeed.

After 1,5 hours we headed back choosing a rather direct line back to the starting place where we enjoyed once again the simple process of disassembly and packaging (I remember the never-ending process of cleaning and drying my previous inflatable canoe and afterwards packing the folded boat in the tight-fitting bag - it was annoying).