How inspiring ONAK owners earn money

The ONAK canoe is the perfect tool to go out and explore. Every ONAK canoe comes with a personal link stickered onto the boat. This ‘’ link refers to a personal page where you can share adventures and ideas. You earn €50 to €200 per boat you have sold through referrals via your page.

Share to inspire

All you need to do to get started is register with the email address of your purchase, complete your profile page and post your favorite ONAK adventures on the platform. People who are inspired by your profile and buy a canoe via your page, get rewarded with a free waterproof bag. This allows us to track those sales and the margin you should receive.

How to earn more than €50?

There are 3 parameters that increase the amount you earn per canoe sold.

  • the number of adventures you posted
  • how much your adventures get liked & shared
  • the number of canoes sold via your page

What you can do with the money you earn?

You can simply cash the money you earn, with a Paypal account or via bank transfer. Even more interesting is that you can buy anything in our shop with an extra 10% discount, so you can gear up for more adventures!