A canoe for everyone

Hi, we are Thomas & Otto, the founders of ONAK.

In 2013, we started with the development of the ONAK foldable origami canoe. Frustrated with the products on the market at that time, we wanted something performing equally well or better than a hard canoe, while remaining easy to transport, store and setup. Countless protoypes and a succesful kickstarter later, we are very proud that our award winning canoe is widely available and can be classified as the best performing foldable canoe. All while being 100% recyclable and extremely durable.

Kickstarter 2016 OutDoor Industry Award 2016 - Startup Gearlimits great gear award 2017 Bizidee 2015 - Award for Best Business Plan

The ONAK Canoe's DNA

ONAK Foldable origami canoe topview + detailed specs sharp entry-line: great tracking & speed the zig-zag fold at the side provides stiffness, extra end-stability & neutral rocker for great manoevrability highest possible grade aluminium parts for reïnforcements water-repellent foam seats.
You can also use the front seat to paddle solo (you paddle solo in the other direction).
flat & stable in the middle v-shaped poles to help to create the perfect hullshap straps keep the boat together inward folded wings for the perfect stiffness & shape

In the store

  • Your canoe for life
  • Unfolds in less than 15 minutes (7 minutes for the pros)
  • Durable & innovative material
  • Fully recyclable
  • Take it everywhere with you
  • Easy to store and to carry around

Product spec sheet (EN)

Get 10% discount, if you help us to clean our planet.

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