Thomas Weyn

I've been an avid canoer since my 6 years old, first introduced to the sport when living in France.

When moving to Ghent to study, I missed this terribly. Luckily, I met Otto there aho had a 2-persons kayak from a housemate laying around, being unused as. We decided to change that: I teached him how to paddle and have been canoeing in Ghent every week ever since. At this stage, his knowledge of canoeing techniques has definitely surpassed mine.

After about 10 years, frustrated by having to find a place to store the canoe in the city and the limitations this imposed on the trips we could make, and being dissapointed by the portable solutions already on the market, we decided to develop our own foldable canoe. The ONAK became a reality!

Below, you can find an overview of the adventures I've had with my ONAK or with my previous canoes.


I did this with my ONAK canoe

We've been looking for the ideal spot to launch my sister's ONAK for its maiden voyage near Antwerp and we must say: this pond in Rivierenhof is absolutely ideal. We went all day picknicking and everyone who wanted could take the canoe for a spin on the quiet, easy flat water.

Canal de l'Ourcq

I did this with my ONAK canoe

A small trip I did after the JEC trade fair in Paris on "Canal de l'Ourcq". The canal goes along a small parc - right through the Parisian border - to the town center. Unfortunately, I only had time to do a small part, but it was great regardless.

If you would like to do this trip: please get in the water at the opposite side of where I went in - the borders are much lower there. Or just start at point A, getting or further to the town center. Getting into the water is much easier there than it was were I started.

Marne à Paris

I want to do this adventure

À travers Brantôme

I did this with another canoe

A very nice route through Brantôme, one of the prettiest cities of the Périgord.

Not a hard route, but there are a few slides like on the picture along the way. One in Brantôme itself (point A on the map, picture in gallery) and one at the end of the trip.

Dordogne: de Saint-Cyprien à Limeuil

I did this with another canoe

The first adventure I ever did with a canoe, and definitely the one I did most. The Dordogne is a really beautiful river, with extremely clear water and beautiful surroundings.

Along the way you will find many small islands or beaches where you can take a break and relax. This is the ideal daytrip with a family or larger group!

At Limeuil, right where the Vézère and the Dordogne come together, there is a perfect place to end your trip and get out of the water. Beware though: you will need to cross the Vézère there, which can be flowing at quite a speed. Make sure to take this cross from the right.

Allier: de Prades à Langeac

I did this with my ONAK canoe

A trip for a little more advanced users. The river in general flows at a steady pace, but two points are quite a little bit more challenging.

For this river, it is most certainly recommended not to use the V-poles of the ONAK. The river is fast enough not to care about the speed, and the extra stability you gain by doing this is absolutely useful.

Point A

At this point, there is a so called "S-turn". It is feasible, of course, but you'll need to know what you're doing and investigate the turn upfront. Only a few people from our group managed to do this!

Point B

Here, you'll find a "barrage" with a specially crafted pathway. Watch out though, eventhough it is made for canoes, it is a very challenging passage and can be quite dangerous. Portage your canoe if you're not comfident about the situation.

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