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Demerdagen ism met Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant

I want to do this adventure

Come and join us for the opening of the canoe start @ the Demer.

When? Sunday 17/06 from 13:00 till 17:00.

Where? Langdorpsesteenweg 232, 3201 Aarschot

You'll build your own canoe and go for a paddle downstream.
A free shuttle will return you to the starting point. 


A sunny afternoon and a picnic in the park

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Visiting Ghent as a tourist

What do you do on a sunny afternoon? Getting to a park, getting on the water, meeting friends.


So let just combine these 3, and it gives a great fun. With four canoes we went of, just visiting Ghent from the water. 

One thing is sure, never knew that so many pictures has been taken. We don't know if it was for us, or for the canoe. 

We believe it was the last one.


The marvellous thing of this trip is that a lot of private persons made some fine art and placed it just at the waterside, so you can only see it from the water. 

When you are paddling in Ghent, certainly go past the 'Gravensteen'. This waterway is so quiet, and so nice to paddle.


Coming back to the Gravensteen take the turn to the right and pass the Dulle Griet. You'll see a lot of nice restaurant just close to the water. Always nice to talk with the people.


At one place you have to lift the canoe out of the water, put going down the stairs it only take 5 minutes and you're back in the water. And you can finish in Keizerpark. 

Nice place to fold you're canoe and take the public transport back to the station.



From the renovated walls to Dokano (bar/drinks and nice people)

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Dokano, a place where you can meet other canoers

With a group we started at the renovated walls of the old harbour. Best to way to come is by train at Ghent Dampoort, or taking the car and following the R4 to Ghent. 


A lot of place to build up the canoe, and in the summer this is a place to be and enjoy the waterside. We first went paddling into the harbour and having a look at all the boats where people tend to live on. And I must say, there are beauties to look at.


One of the most amusing things is, you see al the cars stuck in a traffic jam, and you can just paddle very easy to your destination. 


This part of Ghent gives me the view of a great industrial city, who suffered that industry is moving outwards of the city and making place for new functions.


Ending the paddling @Dokana is always a good choice. They have the facilities to attach your canoe and having a good drink and/or meal. In the evening they have activities, watch their website for the latest news.


Ghent, the green Ghent

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Best place to start, free parking and nice green area


If you want a free parking place and going to padlle in Ghent. The best place is to go to the Blaarmeersen. Free parking, enough place to build the canoe. And you will just enjoy one of the most green places in Ghent without having all the touristic boats passing by.


Also enjoy the green island at the Coupure and the waterbirds around it.

Utrecht: City Visit

I did this with my ONAK canoe

We started at 'Park Lepelenburg', plenty of parkinglost (not cheap), but easy to unfold and get into the water.

Utrecht has a lot of water, so explore!!! We took the outer water cirlce and then went into the city. Lot's of places to stop, attach the canoe and have a bite and a drink where you can.

Utrecht is a perfect place to do a roundtrip, and has plenty of places for food, drinks and connecting to people.

Amsterdam with a canoe

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Amsterdam, one of the places you have to do by water. We did this trip during the night, just make sure you have life jackets on and a white taillight.  We started at the Jordaan, also a nice place to eat something and have a trip in one of the many 'hipster'places.  After a set-up of 15 minutes, we just started cruising around and doing every waterway which was nice looking. Paddling in the centre near the central station is amazing to do. Once you're in the water you see many places where you can get in and out. Which are not so visible when you're on land.

Tip: put some extra lights in your canoe, while paddling. Especially during the light festival, everybody thinks you're a part of the exhibition.

Veerse Meer

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Started in Veere. Parkingspot is not far from where you can go in the water. There is a nice area where you can build up your canoe, expect to have a lot of spectators in the summer.  So calculate some time to explain the foldability. 

We went paddling on a sunny winterday in December and we had a nice picknick on one of the island. With the lighttower you can have a fair good knowledge which way you have to go.

Biesbosch, Visserhaven Hang

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Started at Visserhaven Hang, opposite of the parking place there is a small path, which leads to a starting point. Especially for canoes.

Biesbosch itself is a large nature park with a lot of waterways. You can keep paddling over there for days and days. The advantage of the canoe is that it can take all the small rivers. Sometimes you have to back up, because trees have been falling over the waterways, but that's just the fun. 

We have been sleeping on a 'paalkamperen'place and on the official campingsite  A place where you can get clean water and fresh shower. And also they have a small shop with their own products.

Don't forget to take your binoculars, there are a few rare births living in the area.


From Belgium to Netherlands with plenty of places to drink and eat

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Nice paddle adventure, with plenty of places to have a drink. Possibility to take you're own food and drinks, but also a few nice restaurants during the trip where you can grab a snack or having a complete lunch/dinner.

Ideal for beginners, with or without kids. Flat water, with a lot of variation of scene. You'll also paddle inside a nature resort.

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