Canoa en el sil

I want to do this adventure

Almost the entire river Sil is an excellent place to canoe! If you're ever in Galicia, you can't miss having a canoe trip here!

Ideal entry point: Club Fluvial De Doade LU-903, 18, 27416 Monforte de Lemos, Lugo, Spanje

THE place to stop, to climbe the riversides, to admire the view and to listen to the silence (most silent place i ever visited!): Balcóns de Madrid.

Lots of wineries, greet the people working in the vinyards.

At point A is a good spot to have a break. Points B and D are spots where you'll have to portage. There are power dams there. Points C and E are good entry points (I've been told, not tested yet myself).

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