Sometimes in the air, sometimes on the water, sometimes with both feet on the ground and sometimes just creative, but always looking for new challenges...

Sea fishing in southern Norways archipelago

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Relaxed fishing trip in southern Norways endless archipelago... have a look at the map.

Maiden voyage in Norway

I did this with my ONAK canoe

The first trip with my brand new Onak.

As you can clearly see on some pictures: I did not pay enough attention to important steps while assembling the it was a little bit bumpy, but fortunately we made it without testing our lifevests in the friendly fjord water temperature: 15°Celsius ;))

(Make sure that the bottom of the canoe is completely flat. You can achieve this by completely tightening the nose (see good / bad photographs in the instruction section on the page). 


Canal trip through Hamburg

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Nice trip through some of the side channels of the Alster river on a  sunny day. The trip reveals many diferent beautiful sides of Hamburg inner city live: luxurious villas with big gardens on the river side, traditional rowing clubs, stylish urban penthouse buildings and big puplic park areas like the Stadtparksee to rest (with possibility to go for a swim..."A"). For those who forgot to organize a picnic, you can even get a coffee to go and snacks at various places on the water (e.g. Cafe Canale..."B").

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