We are Jonathan & Lynn and fell in love with canoeing on our amazing journeys in Canada. When we heard about  ONAK we really wanted to test it out! At "de Gentse feesten" Otto gave us a nice ONAK initation and a few days later we ordered one on kickstarter! Since then we have been making awesome ONAK-adventures in our hometown Ghent and other cities and national parks in Belgium and The Netherlands. For the future we are planning some ONAK trips to Sweden and Canada...

Asnen National Park

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Asnen National Park is a brand new national park in southern Sweden! It offers everything you would expect from typical (southrn) Swedish nature: great lakes, huge forests and lots of beatifull islands to discover. We went on a short ONAK trip to discover the beaty of this national park from the water and it was awsome! For a longer trip you can take the 120 km long Värendsleden canoe trail! We will definently come back here!

Biesbosch NP - Dordrecht NL

I did this with my ONAK canoe

NP De Biesbosch is a very nice place to paddle. It has lots of little waterways, beaches and islands to discover and some parts of the park are canoe and kayak only. You can easily start your journey at the impressive modern Museumisland right in the center of the park or start from the different small harbours at the edges of the park. Be sure to make an overnight stay on the campground island (Biesbosch hoeve) inside the park or at a nice old watertower surrounded by water  (Villa Augustus) in the neighbouring town of Dordrecht (see picture).

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