kjill callewaert

G'day Maties!! 

I'm Kjill Callewaert, a Belgian girl currently traveling through the beautiful Australia on a working holiday visa. As a waterlover and canoe girl I've brought with me the ONAK. A foldable origami canoe! Together with my ONAK I plan to do a lot of adventures and you can follow me on this page! I also have an Instagram acount called ONAK_by_Kjill. On this page and my insta account I will post photo's and video's of all my canoe trips in this beautiful country with it's amazing nature and wildlife! Check my page regularly to keep up to date! If I triggered you into buying your own supercool ONAK, please do so through my page or add my name when you order. :) Enjoy my travels and get inspired to make some of your own!

Lots of love!!

Kjill   xxx



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