River Somme down to the sea

I did this with my ONAK canoe

The adventure take around 2,5 days.We travel first with the subway from Porte de Vincennes to Gare du Nord, then we took a train from Paris city to Amiens city(start of the cruising at 11.30am)

Day 1 : Amiens - Long        33,28KM/7h45

Day 2 : Long-Pinchefalise  32KM/9h

Day 3 : Pinchefalise-St Valery sur somme-Le Hourdel-St Valéry sur somme  21,50KM/6h09

We arrived day3 at 3pm, then we catched the train :Noyelles sur mer/Paris (gare du Nord) 

The crew : David & me

Many thanks to David!!

Loop of the river Marne

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Around 33 km paddling on the Marne .

From Noisy le grand return to Noisy le grand.

Passing the canal Saint Maur out of the boat .

Then the way back Noisy le grand against the little current and the gentle breeze

Very good trip!!!!😉

The crew : me & my nephiew Edouard

Meaux to Paris

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Canal de l'Ourcq from Meaux to Paris . 48Km paddling on Onak.

Just done!👍👍

Paris Underground,then the train to Meaux.We start crusing at 8.45 a.m fro m Meaux .We have been crossing 4locks carrying the boat.We had severals rest during nearly 2 hours. The trip was very nice and quiet in the beautiful nature.We enjoyed it a lot.The only problem we had after foding the boat was the fact that we were not allowed to get into the street car( line T3b  station Porte de la villette) with the rolling case .’that’s such a shame!!!I wrote a complaint to the RATP services.../...

The crew :  Maria&me 🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️

Cruising in Ghent (day 2)

I did this with my ONAK canoe

The crew :Maria, Emmanuelle, and me. 

First Navigation on board my new canoe ONAK

I did this with my ONAK canoe

After testing the canoe at Kleindokkaai, 9000 Gent, Belgique and watching the instruction with Jonathan Devos for assembly and disassembly , I decide to buy the ONAK ! Then we went back home (Filips van cleeflaan ) on board  the ONAK .Many thanks to Jonathan Devos, Dominique Laane (ONAK - Belgium).The crew : me and Maria

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