by I did this with my ONAK canoe

This was a great ride - wow ... and I definitly need a spray top. Last days it were rainy, so the Birs had a lot of water - or on the other hand enough water to ride. Mostly calm there are 7 or 8 parts rough and whitwater - if there i enough water. (at low water you have to carry)

So I went from my house with public transport to Dornach station, went 10 minutes to the rver got in an than the adventure starts.

Twice I went out to look if its possbleto go on with the canoe. Once I decide yes - I try ...

I had to goout 5 imes to put out the water, becaus waves come over board and I was sitting in the water and I also turned turtle for the first time. Nothing happend to me, but I lost one of the aluminum poles.

After the advnture in the Birs the last kilometers on the rhine were easy. at home I got soure muscles