the wonderfull Stora Gla

by avalon I did this with my ONAK canoe

As we were in Varmland, Sweden, we really wanted to see the natural reserve Glaskogen. So with the Onak folded up in the car we visited the information centre. If you  want to stay overnight in this area you need the Glaskogen card. It's only 50 sek a night (per person) and they use this money to keep this beautiful nature reserve healthy.

It was so quiet, maybe because of the extreme drought, even most animals hardly made a sound. 
We saw other canoeists, but everyone stayed on there one, so we could really enjoy the outdoor experience. On this side of the lake we did not see any houses or cabins. 

I must say, camping in the wild for the first time in my life (2 nights here in Glaskogen and 4 near Arvika) was a great experience!  I love it better than any campsite I ever visited, though I craved for fresh vegetables and fruit. I think I need to boost my food finding skills.