Marie Schellens

I am currently studying and living in Stockholm. Nature is always closeby in Sweden, even deep into the city. Even better: much of Sweden's nature exists of lakes, small to big, and island-dotted shores. Thus, the perfect place for ONAK explorations of city and wild life. So if anybody would like to try out an Onak and join me on small adventures, let me know! (I have two lifevests!)

Westfjord explorations

I did this with my ONAK canoe

On a roadtrip throught the Westfjords, Anse, Tess and me hoped for many kano trips. Accessing the water was often not as easy and it seemed and we had many unsuccesful (but beautiful) walks along coast and cliffs in search for a suitable take-off spot. Luckily, the waters of Vatnsdalsvatn provided us with the perfect spot for a little Onak trip.


Family weekend at Úlflótsvatn

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Because I was expecting a lonely summer weekend in Reykjavik city, my great (oh so sweet) friends and Icelandic foster family, Jóhanna, Óskar and Björgvin, invited me along to their family camping weekend at the shores of Úlflótsvatn. I brought along the canoe for some lake explorations, the family brought along chunks of sheep for an amaizng BBQ.


Lazy sunny afternoon at the Tomp

I did this with my ONAK canoe

After a grey and cold Icelandic spring, I'm back in my hometown to catch some sun and re-energize. Just a 5 minute bikeride from my parents home is the beautiful domain of "de Tomp": a forest, a lake, and little overgrown canals all watched over by de Tomp tower. I only needed to add some friends and family for the perfect sunny, cozy, and lazy lunch picnic-afternoon-evening.

PS: it is private property, the owners are super nice and friendly. So please don't come here without asking them. You can contact me if you are interested ;)

Sunny Hvalfjörður

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Hvalfjörður is a deep fjord just north of Reykjavik, named after the whales who like to visit it ("Hval"), just like us. It was the first sunny and warm weekend since winter. So we couldn't keep ourselves from stopping and unpacking  the ONAK when we were driving next to the fjord on our way to a campsite further north. Let Icelandic summer begin!

And good to know: ONAK fits perfectly on the back seat of the smallest cheapest rental car we could find.

The safe harbour of Ólafsfjörður

I did this with my ONAK canoe

A quick second test of my Onak before winter brings the whole of Iceland into a deep winter sleep. On a weekend roadtrip north, I managed to convince my friends to try out Onak in the safe fishing harbour of Ólafsfjörður. Only now I see on the map this beautiful lake we could have explored instead of the harbour. But I don't think my friends would have joined. Excited, but a bit scared, they joined me for a couple of rounds between larger boats, seaguls and fish processing warehouses, watched over by the fjords mountain walls now and then crowned by gentle clouds.

Tiny trial - attempting the Atlantic

I did this with my ONAK canoe

My first trial with a shaky folded Onak! A friendly girl passing by pushed smoothly into the ocean, without really waiting for an answer. She must have thought i was very comfortable, doing this every week. Unnoticed and swiftly, the wind took me westwards. When turning around, i noticed I didn't fix my seat properly and that it would take me much more effort heading back upwind.  I like the ambiguous feelings in my chest: the freedom of the wind splashing up droplets from soft waves vs. the distant security of a retreating shoarline. Unbelievably, just a 5 minute walk brings me from atlantic adventure to my warm and safe home.

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