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Orilampi camping - endless trips

I did this with my ONAK canoe

This place is ideally located to explore Finnish lakes. As this lake is one of the biggest in Finland, you can probably spend months exploring the region. If you do have the time for extensive exploration, check out the nearby nature reserve. All info is available a the Orilampi cottage reception.

Sausalito Exploration

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Dunphy Park is the perfect spot to explore Sausalito by canoe. Free parking, ample space to assemble the ONAK and a quiet place to get into the water. Beware of the wind and the boats once you hit the open water however.

Barton Creek near Austin, TX

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Perfect canoe spot around Austin Texas. Take your ONAK down the steps to Barton Creek where the canoe an kayak rental spot is. Drop in your ONAK and explore the creek and as much of the Colorado river as you want.

Chilling near Oudenaarde

I did this with my ONAK canoe

Nice place to chill on a summer evening, have a drink and drop you ONAK in the water.

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