ONAK - The Foldable Origami Canoe

Key features

The reasons why you want an ONAK

  • TRANSPORTABLE - Take it with you on every adventure (in the trunk of your car, by public transport, by bike or even by foot)
  • TOUGH - Rough rock edges, salt water or extreme weather conditions? No problem!
  • COMPACT - No additional box needed. Add the top and bottom parts to turn the canoe into a trolley that easily fits in small spaces.
  • LIGHT It weighs less than 17kg and can hold up to 250kg
  • SMART - Designed and manufactured in Belgium and Germany to be fully recyclable.

ONAK - Big Idea August 2016 - the origami foldable canoe that folds to a suitcase on wheels

ONAK on Business Insider - This foldable canoe collapses to the size of a small suitcase

Fast Company

A folding canoe design to help city-dwellers paddle more

ONAK in action

Have a look at what these people did with it!