Share(d) Freedom

The ONAK canoe brings freedom within reach. It is a perfect travel companion after a tiresome day at the office, during a weekend outing or on a nice vacation. And what’s even more beautiful, friends are invited to come along. Shared freedom, that is what ONAK is all about.


Exploring with an ONAK canoe is an experience unlike any other. The canoe is made for a perfect getaway from the busy city and is always ready to take you on a trip in the unbridled nature. Other than a regular canoe, the ONAK is foldable and can be taken almost anywhere you want to go. Endless possibilities lie ahead. Waterways that seemed unreachable before are now accessible for all. Both seasoned adventurers looking for sporty trips and young families wanting to spend quality time alike will create memorable moments.

Take it along… Anywhere

Hefty equipment belongs to the past. We want to make exploring as effortless and enjoyable as possible and for us that means reducing the canoe to its essentials. The result is a canoe that folds down into a practical trolley that is easy to handle, store, and take along. A whole world of pleasant exploration lies at your feet.

Always something new to discover

Imagine being able to start and end your canoe trip wherever and whenever you like. Or being able to discover the more unbeaten paths on earth. Because of the foldable design of the ONAK canoe, the opportunities for a new personal discovery are endless and within reach.

Bring your ONAK along

on foot

by bike

by car

by train

by plane

Fits a family

Life is not an individual adventure. Nor is travelling with an ONAK. We take pride in the fact that we want to make canoeing accessible for everyone. The days of canoeing being only for the adventurous types are over. ONAK fits every family member, even your dearest pet! It’s time for families, friends and travelers!

Unique material

100% recyclable

Polypropylene has lots of qualities. Above all, it is fully recyclable to a new durable product. The environment is very important to us. That is why we only work with materials that do not add to the waste mountain and can be applied for a different purpose after they have served their current function.

In-house developed

The Honeycomb-Curv™ Polypropylene composite used in an ONAK canoe was developed by some of our in-house experts. After hours of study and development we came up with a material that is both light and stiff, recyclable and exceeds the strict demands of any qualitative canoe.


The honeycomb design provides the material with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than the aluminium used in classic canoes. The result is an ultra light, but still remarkably tough, canoe. Saltwater, harsh weather conditions, sharp rocks and even the claws of overexcited pets have finally found their match.

Honours & awards

Our canoe has received several awards including a Great Gear Award, an Outdoor Industry Award and a Bizidee Award. Also, we have gathered exposure in highly respected media sources such as National Geographic, Business Insider, and Canoeroots Magazine. Moreover the reinvention of ONAK 2.0 was already featured in the renowned Tech & Science magazine New Atlas.

Easy to go

Foldable & transportable

The ONAK canoe folds down to a standard luggage-sized trolley. Flexible folding lines allow for a convenient and short set-up process. Pull the trolley by hand, attach it to your bike, store it in the trunk of your car...The possibilities are endless.


An easy pulley system on the straps provides only minimal effort to tighten the complete structure. The straps also stay permanently connected so you don’t have to figure out which buckle fits where. Even a child can lend a hand in setting up the ONAK, it’s that simple.


Thanks to the strong material, the ONAK canoe can withstand a great amount of impact. There’s no point in worrying about hitting rocks as the hull was specifically designed to tolerate heavy blows. Even the folding lines are resistant to tearing and can be refolded thousands of times.


The ONAK may be very light - it weighs barely 17 kg - but has an astounding carrying capacity. For practical reasons, we advise a maximum load of 250 kg. It can, however, carry more. Good to know: the ONAK does not even need to be in its boat shape to be useful. You can just throw it in the water and cling onto it to stay afloat.

Everything you’d expect from a canoe