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Our second generation ONAK provides a new level of comfort and accessibility: It's even easier to set up, thanks to a pulley system. The set-up is faster as well, with fewer parts that fold from a carry-on into a full-grown canoe. Wooden seats and extended leg-space turn the ONAK 2.0 into a practical yet comfortable canoe for life.

  • STRAIGHTFORWARD - It's easy to set up with fewer parts and a pulley-system, which only requires minimal effort to unfold.
  • TRANSPORTABLE - Take it with you on every adventure, hassle-free (in the trunk of your car, by public transport, by bike or even by foot)
  • TOUGH - Rough rock edges, salt water or extreme weather conditions? No problem! Our material is stronger than the aluminium used in classic canoes (better strength-to-weight ratio & inert).
  • COMPACT - No additional box needed. Add the top and bottom parts to turn the canoe into a trolley that easily fits in small spaces.
  • LIGHT - It weighs less than 17kg and can hold up to 250kg.
  • SMART - Designed and manufactured in Belgium and Germany to be fully recyclable.

Improvements when compared to ONAK 1.0

ONAK 2.0



Canoe size 465 x 85 cm (183” x 33.5”)
Trolley 123 x 42 x 35cm (48.4” x 16.6” x 13.7”)
Weight  Canoe: 17 kg (38 lbs)
Trolley: 3 kg (6 lbs)
Paddle: 1 kg (2 lbs)
Max Carrying capacity 200 kg (440 lbs) to 250 kg (550 lbs)