Seals and island hopping in the Glénans

by Otto Van De Steene I did this with my ONAK canoe

WARNING: You should only do this adventure when you are highly experienced and take all possible safety precautions into account! Weather and tides can be highly unpredictable in this place!

This adventure has been done with a prototype boat. We hitched bigger boats with our canoe folded to and from the Archipelago. We stayed for 3 nights on the islands at different places. As I was doing this adventure with somebody that worked for the local island-owning sailing school we were allowed to do this. We were kept a lot of attention on the leave-no-trace principles. Around Quignenec island we had to transport some wood from island to island to be able to cook our meal close to a place that was appropriate for our tent. We also had a seal following us for a while. The inquisitive seal even touched the boat gently out of curiosity!