Basingstoke Canal; Crookham to Barley Mow

This lock free, rural section of canal offers a peaceful day out and is perfect as an introduction to canoe trails. The route is described as out and back but could be done one way, with a shuttle.

Please have a look at Basingstoke-Canal-Crookham-to-Barley-Mow.pdf on for more details.


A- A vistior information board, by the bridge, provides navigation and canal information. Put in and turn right, away from the bridge. 
B - After a mile the minor road from Dogmersfield to the north crosses the canal at Double Bridge and 200m further on is Blacksmith's Bridge.
C - A few minutes later you will see Tundry Pond on your left. This is a feeder pond for the canal.
D - After the pond the left bank is continuously wooded and very pretty. You may spot the attractive houses of Dogmersfield village amongst the trees.
E - At around 2,5 miles the canal bends steadily round to the left and here you will see the Barley Mow slipway on your right.
F - The Barley Mow is on the opposite side of the road from the car park. This is your turning point for an out and back trip.